Not Your Ordinary "Web Guy"

JCI Marketing started out of a series of errors. First, I started a marketing company back in 2005. It grew and grew until it had revenues over $250,000,000. This firm had so many employees that I wanted to tear my hair out. It just stopped being fun and rewarding. Then, in a desire to know more about small and medium business strategy, I became one of four founders in a Business Advisory Firm. That was all well and good, and served its purpose. Still though, it wasn't what my heart was made for. So I left that firm and started JCI Marketing in January of 2012. This new venture's focus is helping small businesses get the most out of every marketing dollar with as little hassle as possible. 

I'm happy now, and apparently, so are my clients. Each year since 2012 has shown dramatic growth. JCI started as a "one man show", but it has grown to have a rather large staff of graphic designers, web developers, inbound marketing specialists, search engine optimization gurus, managers, strategists, copywriters, and photographers. Things are really dynamic, rewarding, and fun here in the office.  Today, JCI is full of incredible people who have the freedom and initiative to "happen", shining as brightly as possible, and this yields not only excellent results, but a family-like atmosphere for our staff as well as the clients we serve. We hope to earn your business and thusly make you feel like a genius for choosing JCI. 

Jared Cullop
President and Founder
JCI Marketing

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