We have your branding needs covered

We Seek To Understand You

First off, we only want to serve happy, kind, integrity-filled business owners who actually have a product or service that the market desires. With that said, the market needs to be told, "If only they knew how much better dealing with me would be than if they went with the big-box brand that's trying to run me out of business!" YES! That's what we do! So, we not only dig deep to learn what sets our client apart from their competition, but we focus on what makes them a great human being to know. It might sound a bit fluffy, but we take the time to actually develop a relationship with our clients. We learn about what makes them special and then set out to relay what we learn through the slightest aspects of their logo.

"What do I get with the Visual Identity Package?"

When you rebrand your company or straight-up start a new one, you don't just need a logo. You need to get it out to the world! Thus, our package includes all of the basics plus more that a company needs to show their new face to the world.

  • Logo
  • Brand Style Guide (to give to places you advertise so they get everything just right)
  • Design for business cards
  • Design for letterhead and envelopes
  • Wholesale pricing on anything we ever print for you (we are a very competitive print house too)

Delivering The Right Product To You

Unlike many (read: pretty much all) graphic design and branding firms, we have less of a focus on how many 'rounds' we design for you and more on getting it right. We don't put a formal limit on how many rounds we can go without additional charges. Then again, it's quite common that we "get a winner" even in the first round, because we have taken the time to "feel the love" and get to know you. Taking this time allows us to really get it right early on. Our clients say they feel "known and appreciated" when we go through this process. It's good.


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