Emotional messages + Emotional Design

Consider the cover design of the last book you read. Unless someone you think is seriously awesome suggested the book to you, you likely chose it based off of the cover design. While this is a very literal example of the importance of graphic design, it's also perfectly metaphorical. People choose to patronize companies, or heck, even read their ads or website, based off of the emotions they feel from the imagery. In the marketing world, we spend a ton of time getting the words and messages just right, so it can be a slap in the face when a bad service or product "wins" in the market due to great imagery. But instead of getting all upset about it, we at JCI embrace it, and have a full department of our company dedicated to graphical excellence.

There should be a saying about "not cutting your nose off to spite your face". Don't spend half your life working on the excellence of your craft without spending any time or money on the physical representations of that craft.

The Emotional Impact On Consumer Decision Making Free eBook

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