for those with ambitious growth goals

Holistic Approach to Marketing

Inbound Marketing offers a multi-channel approach utilizing social media, blogs, landing pages and content offers on your website. Through this approach, you will put content where your potential customers already are and answer the questions your customers are already asking. Great SEO will help to keep your content on the top of search results so that your content will be seen.

Best Inbound Platform = Hubspot

Hubspot is hands down, the best inbound marketing engine on the market. JCI is the ONLY company in Redding that is trained and authorized to offer Hubspot to our clients. Hubspot is an all-in-one, streamlined platform that allows you to to track every move a potential customer makes after they have expressed an interest in your company. You can track the location of people visiting your site, which helps you make sure the right customer sees the right content through contextual marketing. We use this information to strategize, execute, and manage your marketing campaigns...always with the goal of growing your bottom line!

Personalized Boutique Service

At JCI, we provide a personalized approach to marketing your business. Our team has a variety of unique skillsets that they bring to the table for every client. We have strategists, designers, managers, consultants, message masters, developers, detail hounds, business owners...the list goes on and on. Using strategic thinking and market research, we will make sure your unique business is marketed to the right people the right way. Your success is our success.

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