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 We love the team that has come together here at JCI. They are diverse in talents yet single-minded in their pursuit for
 excellence in design, marketing, and client relations. Get to know our team a little.



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 We love the team that has come together here at JCI. They are diverse in talents yet single-minded in their pursuit for
 excellence in design, marketing, and client relations. Get to know our team a little.


Redding Online Marketing Agency Team

Redding Online Marketing Agency Team

Jared Cullop, JCI Marketing Owner/President

Jared Cullop

Entrepreneur, business advisor, race car driver... Jared's 38 years have been rather eventful. He and his wife Erin have four kids. Elias is seven and is the "spittin' image" of Jared. Jojo (Joseph) is four and is Jared's secret savings plan, whether NFL player or Calvin Klein model. He's gorgeous. Madeline is extremely clever and inventive, already at just three years old, and the poor thing looks just like Jared too. Scarlet was born in 2015, and is a strawberry blonde with deep blue eyes. Jared and Erin have their hands full! To read more of Jared's story, click here. He has his own page.

JCI Marketing, Management

Brad Heydon
Operations Manager

Representing Australia, Brad moved from the Great South Land to California with his wife Claire and now has two boys Ben and Nash and a baby girl on the way. Brad worked as a general contractor for 10 years
and then shifted his focus to music business and managed a record label. He has a passion for property development and has bought, renovated and sold several houses. Brad enjoys having friends over and putting on a big BBQ. He loves his family, friends, music and plays guitar at Bethel church.


Born and raised in the Netherlands, Steven moved to Redding in 2014 with his wife Loryn, an Italian superstar actress. He has a Bachelor degree in Business Economics
and 6+ years experience in corporate finance and process improvement. He has also been active as a DISC trainer and has given social media workshops. Steven is a communicator, interested in what drives people, motivated by curiosity and always looking for creative ways to get things done better and quicker. He spends his free time in the gym, traveling, improving his bread baking and BBQ-ing skills or going on adventures with Loryn. Being from Europe he hopes to one day own a ‘real’ truck.

JCI Marketing, Project Management

Tonya Sanders
Strategy Manager

Tonya moved to Redding, California in 2011, but she will always be a Texas girl at heart! No doubt, a "y’all" or two definitely makes it’s way into many conversations.
She has a unique background that has built her current strategic skill set. She worked as an architect for 7 years, served as a missionary for 1 year, and worked as a strategic consultant for 3 years. She has her Bachelors Degree in Architecture from Texas A-M University and her Masters in Entrepreneurship from Oklahoma State. Tonya is passionate about discovering and meeting the strategic needs of our clients. When she’s not working, she’s traveling, playing tennis, and hanging out with her hubs!

JCI Marketing, Graphic Design, Print

Bobby Schwendenmann
Senior Graphic Designer

Not much is known about this elusive man. It is said that he was recently married. Those tales can only be heard around campfires, surrounded by wild violets, late in the night. While at JCI, he adds a much needed element of mystery
and intrigue as no one really knows where or when he was born, what language he speaks or the correct pronunciation of his last name. We have come to rely on him for his obvious talent in illustration and creative thinking. We hope to learn more about this bearded character in the future.

JCI Marketing, Web Design, Photography

Shannon Selim
Lead Designer/Photography

Now residing in California, Shannon grew up in the great American Midwest. She loves all things "media," including music, film, photography, web & graphic design.
Having a passion to travel and impact peoples lives, she sees herself one day traveling the world as a "visual storyteller" - making short films, documentaries and the world a better place through her all-around awesomeness.


Benji Bateman
Inbound mktg Account Manager

Originally from South Carolina, Benji studied marketing for four years at Clemson University. Go tigers.
But after landing a sales position for a Fortune 500 company, he realized he would have to choose between a cubicle and his dreams. So, he quit. That started the journey of moving across the country to California and soon joining the team at JCI. Since then he’s been our go-to guy for inbound marketing, content strategy, and all things writing. He’s a simple man, carrying peace and integrity–an asset to any team.

JCI Marketing, Web Design, Client Services

Abram Goff
Designer/Client Services

Abram grew up in rural West Virginia so he knows the sweet southern ways of life. He has caught a greater vision of his life than one place can hold. Full of pictures, video ideas, and concepts that will change the world, he got his bachelors in Advertising/Graphic Design. To expand his vision and put those into practice, he lived in and taught English in Changchun, China for two years. Now he's back in the States still learning, creating, and chasing the impossible. Abram has 9 years of graphic design mixed with web experience and loves serving people and taking their dreams to a level beyond what they can image.



Jessi brings the excited pep to the office. She also brings in more sass than anyone else. Not unlike other members of the JCI team, Jessi is not originally from California but moved here from Nebraska in 2008.

She also has quickly picked up her role as the office little sister taking jokes from her bigger brothers. She's known to call you out for random disney songs, listen to rock, and help pick up the slack in anyway she can. In her off time, she's getting fit with her hubby Eli, kills it being a mom to her 3-year old daughter Gracelyn, loves to cook, and plans to travel the world hiking to beautiful new areas.


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