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Redding Online Marketing Agency Team





Meet the Team


Shawn Jennison
Marketing Director

Prior to joining JCI Marketing, Shawn has worked in broadcast television, higher education, and in health care. He has had the privilege of leading talented marketing and creative teams who have garnered multiple awards in video, radio, website, social media strategy, and print collateral. A Washington native, Shawn earned a degree in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations and a minor in Business from Pacific Lutheran University. Outside of work, Shawn has been a marketing advisor with the United Way of Pierce County and is an active volunteer at his church.

Jeanne McKnight
Communications Director

Prior to joining the JCI team, Jeanne worked in public affairs and public relations, with a specialty in government relations, issues management, and litigation communications.
A Minnesota native, Jeanne attended the University of Minnesota. She also earned a Ph.D. degree from SUNY/Buffalo and taught English Literature at Lewis & Clark College in Portland. Jeanne has traveled and worked extensively in Chile, having represented a Chilean trade association in the U.S. marketplace. She loves to travel and spends much of her free time riding her dressage horse, Molokai.

JCI Marketing, Project Management

Tonya Sanders
Strategy Manager

Tonya moved to Redding, California in 2011, but she will always be a Texas girl at heart! No doubt, a "y’all" or two definitely makes it’s way into many conversations. She has a unique background that has built her current strategic skill set. She worked as an architect for 7 years, served as a missionary for 1 year, and worked as a strategic consultant for 3 years. She has her Bachelors Degree in Architecture from Texas A-M University and her Masters in Entrepreneurship from Oklahoma State. Tonya is passionate about discovering and meeting the strategic needs of our clients. When she’s not working, she’s traveling, playing tennis, and hanging out with her hubs!



Born and raised in the Netherlands, Steven moved to Redding in 2014 with his wife Loryn, an Italian superstar actress. He has a Bachelor degree in Business Economics and 6+ years experience in corporate finance and process improvement. He has also been active as a DISC trainer and has given social media workshops. Steven is a communicator, interested in what drives people, motivated by curiosity and always looking for creative ways to get things done better and quicker. He spends his free time in the gym, traveling, improving his bread baking and BBQ-ing skills or going on adventures with Loryn. Being from Europe he hopes to one day own a ‘real’ truck.

Katie Fisher

Katie Fisher
Project Manager

The answer to where she’s “from” is a little difficult to nail down, but it’s probably somewhere between Texas, Utah, Washington, and Mexico. She moved to Redding in 2016, just for the fun of it.
Katie spends her time traveling, volunteering with an orphan care ministry, and cooking for her friends. Fun fact: she just published her first cookbook!

JCI Marketing, Web Design, Photography

Shannon Selim
Lead Designer/Photography

Now residing in California, Shannon grew up in the great American Midwest. She loves all things "media," including music, film, photography, web & graphic design.
Having a passion to travel and impact peoples lives, she sees herself one day traveling the world as a "visual storyteller" - making short films, documentaries and the world a better place through her all-around awesomeness.



Jessi brings the excited pep to the office. She also brings in more sass than anyone else. Not unlike other members of the JCI team, Jessi is not originally from California but moved here from Nebraska in 2008. She also has quickly picked up her role as the office little sister taking jokes from her bigger brothers. She's known to call you out for random disney songs, listen to loud music, and help pick up the slack in anyway she can. In her off time, she's spending time with her hubby Eli, kills it being a mom to her 3-year old daughter Gracelyn, loves to cook, and plans to travel the world hiking to beautiful new areas.



Simeon is living the California dream. Originally from Bristol, England, Simeon has made his way across the pond and into an internship at JCI. He moved to Redding in 2016, married the beautiful Michaelann, and became a permanent resident in the US. She loves his British accent. He swears he won’t ever lose it. Simeon comes to JCI with 16 years experience in the creative industry and a degree equivalent in graphic design. He has a passion for business and hopes to run his own company one day. He’s tallest in the office, has the least amount of hair, and when he’s not here, he’s spending time with his wife and stepkids, or playing with his cat Kito. When he’s not with the fam, he’s either weight training at the gym, mountain biking or working on his Mini Cooper. Ladies and Gentleman, Simeon Chard.

JCI Marketing, Web Design, Client Services

Abram Goff
Client Delight Expert

Abram grew up in rural West Virginia so he knows the sweet southern ways of life. He has caught a greater vision of his life than one place can hold. Full of pictures, video ideas, and concepts that will change the world, he got his bachelors in Advertising/Graphic Design. To expand his vision and put those into practice, he lived in and taught English in Changchun, China for two years. Now he's back in the States still learning, creating, and chasing the impossible. Abram has 9 years of graphic design mixed with web experience and loves serving people and taking their dreams to a level beyond what they can image.


Blake Crawford

Blake started growing up in rural North Carolina, and continued it in Florida and California. He has not finished, but when he does he hopes to be a little taller and with a slightly deeper voice.
Blake enjoys writing poetry, reading fiction, and positive self-talk. He lists his heroes as God, Walt Disney, and Gandalf. Blake has made Redding his home because he likes the name.


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We are passionate about creating projects that make our clients look like geniuses. Learn more about what makes us unique.

JCI Video

We are passionate about creating projects that make our clients look like geniuses. Learn more about what makes us unique.





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