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ABA Advisors has been with us all the way, literally. The site we now have live is the third iteration of their site that we have built for them, advancing as technology advanced until we finally had “the solution” for a business site being seen correctly on a mobile device: True Responsive Design. ABA has been so happy with our services (branding, web design, marketing, print production, etc) that they are our #1 referring client, having sent dozens of their clients to us. It is such an honor when a client trusts us so much that they send those who completely trust the JCI Team to be a wise investment. Over the years, we have seen ABA grow exponentially. Heck. They are OUR accountants and advisors, and we suggest you check them out if you’re in need!



Designed to prosper


Liberty Law, APC

Attornies Shawn McCammon and John Murray have a great thing going. Their relatively young law firm is booming, having multiple offices raving clients all over the place. However, they had gone with a standard web design firm that focuses solely on attorneys, and as is nearly always the case, the design and effectiveness of the site left a lot to be desired. We are honored that they chose us to make a new mobile responsive website for their law firm.


DH Scott & Company

DH Scott & Company owns their market, being the undeniable ‘Accounting Firm Giant’ here in Redding. So, you might ask, why would they invest the time and energy and money into having us fully remake their online presence? Honor and respect. These guys really knew what they wanted, and were so clear in explaining their culture and brand identity to our design team. They feel, as do we, that the new site portrays that identity to the world quite effectively. Yay for happy clients!

US Lending company

We Love US Lending Company. They serve all of Northern California with a peerless level of communication and diligence. They passionately support people in our region to achieve their home-ownership goals by creating pathways to success, and a plan for each person to reach their goals. Their team ensures that you receive more than a loan - they lend with the confidence you need to get the most out of your home buying experience. We are honored to not only have designed their website, but their new brand and logo. If you go to the website, you'll also see a very resourceful blog, calls-to-action, inbound marketing, eBooks, etc, all done by JCI Marketing's Inbound Marketing department.


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