Depending on what kind of law you practice, the emotions of your prospective clients differ greatly, yet must be defined and addressed. If you are a business consultant, people need to feel a unique hope rooted in professionalism. When searching for an accounting firm, a business owner needs to feel that they will be covered, protected, and yet advised and guided. If your brand doesn’t literally go after the right emotions, you should stop everything and address that, as everything else is inefficiently working for you.


More than 68% of all web surfing is now done on a mobile device. Some aspects of law are surely much higher than that. Can you imagine someone sitting in their cubicle on their computer looking for a family law attorney? No. They are out on break, on their phones. If your site isn’t truly responsive, Google says more than two thirds of your traffic “bounces”, which means they leave the site within 5 seconds. Be sure to look at our sample sites here not only on a computer, but on your mobile, just as most of your clients will.


Just as it makes no sense to pay good money to send traffic to a bad, non-Responsive website, it makes TOTAL sense, once you have the website “hook” that will pull in all the fish you can catch, to spend the money to send all the fish to the hook, on the “bait” per se. Attorneys spend so much money on SEO, and that’s great, once they have something worthwhile to send all that traffic to.

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