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Mmmm… We love spas. And since these guys are in Redding, we’ll admit to taking a bit of the fee in trade for massages! (These ladies are GOOD.) Anyway, like many spas and salons, their online presence didn’t exactly reflect the emotion that their clients experience when coming in for a treatment. So many times, the big money has already been spent making sure each treatment room is as relaxing and therapeutic as possible, all while having a horrible face to the online world… a non-responsive website with small pictures and a horrible “surfing” experience. So, one might say that our time under the kneading hands at Urban Retreat was research. Yeah. We need to be sure to tell our accountants that it was research… Anyway, check the site out! You’ll swear you smell eucalyptus.




This is a man with a plan greater than selling homes, he’s helping establish a culture. When we first met him, he didn’t offer any property, but they had to make it into Jesse’s picks to be worth while. Repeatedly, he stated that it had to stand out and be different - then he hired us and turned us loose. We broke out our full Visual Identity Package (VIP) for him as well as creating an amazing site targeted towards higher end homes of Redding. We had fun on this one and we think you’ll see why.


Diego Tantardini is the real deal. Being from the global epicenter of design and fashion, Milan, Italy, we knew we had to be on our A-Game to make sure he was blown away with his new website. Well, apparently he is! He is one of our biggest promoters now, and his very new business is booming. Seems like every time we send him a text asking how he is doing, the reply is “I’m baking! I’m too busy! I love it!” Check the site out, but not on an empty stomach. That would be torture. Notice everything you feel. When we made this site, his bakery didn’t even yet exist.



When Kate Obenshain isn’t on Fox News as a political commentator (, she is running her high-end boutique real estate company in Winchester, VA. We actually got to build both sites for her, but it’s the real estate site you see here, along with the full branding package, that we’re most proud of. Plus, JCI founder Jared Cullop has owned some real estate companies in the past, and we think he got really excited to get to put some of that knowledge into play on this site. Be sure to note how well the Multiple Listing Service was integrated into the look and feel of the site


With the local trades, it seems so daunting to the owner operators to get out of the rat race and actual prosper. But see, almost all of their competition are owner operators out there too. Golden Crest’s owner, Michael Joseph, was out in the field painting seven days a week before he hired us. Now, he’s in the office, running his company, making bids, dispatching his newly bought trucks out to clients in a much greater distance radius than ever before. If you’re a tradesman and are wondering if this stuff that we do here at JCI really works, call us. We’ll give you Mike’s number and you can hear it for yourself.

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