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Physicians Plan
Redding, CA

Physician's Plan Medical Weight Management has offices in six locations in Northern California: Redding, Chico, Yreka, Willows, Red Bluff, and Mount Shasta. Dr. Powell and his staff help patients lose weight and maintain weight successfully with the help of qualified medical practitioners. Their programs treat the whole person by combining the principles of nutrition, exercise physiology, pharmacotherapy (ethical medications), and behavior modification all in a caring and compassionate setting.

Since nowadays it’s harder than ever to find a nutritious meal, let alone a snack, Dr. Powell also has a second website, CarbEssentials (link this too), that we built. You should check it out too. It syncs the inventory in 6 different locations, all with the online eCommerce store. We helped outfit them with new iPads for helping in-store customers, even through the checkout process.


Responsive Medical & Dental Web Design Examples


Dr. Bob Ghelfi is a champion. The same kind of assertive action that had him move into advanced medicine such as Stem Cell Therapy caused him to come in to our office, hire us to fully brand his surgery center and build quite a high-end website before he even had a building for the center. The process was super smooth, and we are quite sure Dr. Ghelfi would give us a stellar reference. Now, his new office is cranking.


verheul family dentistry

This is a perfect example to show what we can do for a dentist or doctor that is already successful, doesn't need to spend a fortune in order to make a place for themselves in a market, but has the intentionality to create a new, respectable online presence. So many times people tell us "only X% (something crazy low) of our customers come from our website. We always try to explain that this is the typical "Catch 22". No leads because you've not invested in it. Verheul Family Dentistry is different, and we made sure they benefitted from that wisdom. 



You know you’re killing it in your industry when it’s 2016, you’ve never had a website, and your calendar is still full. This is Dr. Shoff.  Rather than just having a list of clients, we wanted to help him get the right clients, help clarify some false rumors about what the best practice is, and help them make the transition as smooth as possible. He does things with excellence so when he was ready for a site, he was came to us and he’s glad he did.


SureTouch Breast Exam

While every one of our clients has something remarkably special about them, SureTouch Breast Exam is somehow even more. See, these people found a way to scan a breast for cancer that doesn't involve radiation. Since it doesn't involve radiation, you don't have to be a radiologist to use it (and it's not super bad for you). This means that a group of women, or a city, can invest in one, have a "scan party" checking themselves, and be done with it. Super cool. The future is here.


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