This becomes more and more vital as more emotions are involved in the decision to make a consumer decision. With Medical and Dental needs, emotions can run very high. Oddly, so many practices nationwide ignore this, and only tell what service they offer or where they are located in their brand. The client, once seeing your logo or your website needs to have that, “I have found the right place” feeling immediately, regardless of what the text on your website says.


More than 68% of all web surfing is now done on a mobile device. Having a true Responsive website for your medical or dental practice is vital. The term “Responsive” is the true answer to the mobile-web-age, and is completely different than “Mobile Friendly” or “Mobile Compatible”, which are just Band-Aid terms that don’t help you at all. Your #1 face to your community is your website, and it simply must be truly Responsive. Heck, as of April 23rd 2015, Google is dropping all sites from high rankings that aren’t Responsive.


Just as it makes no sense to pay good money to send traffic to a bad, non-Responsive website, it makes TOTAL sense, once you have the website “hook” that will pull in all the fish you can catch, to spend the money to send all the fish to the hook, on the “bait” per se. These three things together - branding, responsive website design, and search engine optimization -  will most surely lead you to the top in your specialty and geographic region.

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