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Stop for the one - Iris global ministries

Stop for the One exists to live out the simple Gospel of love through sponsorship programs. They see the simple power of love in action transform the lives of many every day by providing, education, food, care, and love. They believe love looks like something and their desire is to inspire and encourage people to live outside of themselves. We at JCI believe in Iris Ministries, which includes Stop for the One. They are changing the face of Mozambique, and we are honored beyond words to have created a site to help people all over the world step up and support children in need and under their care.




Instead of spending space here telling you how Jared and his wife Erin are the hosts of Danny Silk’s “Loving On Purpose” podcast, or how Jared is on the board of this ministry, we should talk about the website. So, check it out. This site is unique, as the home page is a visual and image-based navigation for the site. There’s a lot of creativity going on here, and the ergonomics of the page flow are out of the box and yet very effective.

Reach Orphans Worldwide

In a perfect world, every orphan would get adopted. Well, in a perfect world, there would be no orphans at all. But that's not the world we live in... yet. Reach Orphans Worldwide has a unique focus on those children who will never find a family. Their organization, and even this site that we got to create for them, allows you to be a part of this worldwide movement in reaching and providing for these precious children. "For every child, a bright future."


Antioch Norman

Back in ministry school in 2012, Jared got to travel to churches all over the US with his mentor, Steve Backlund. One wonderful trip was to Norman, OK, just outside Oklahoma City, to Antioch church. This church is so alive. There's a buzz of love and anticipation for goodness in every moment. Jared and his wife Erin ended up building a lasting friendship with pastors Chris and Julie Bennett, as well as many others in the church. When it came time for them to refresh their church's website, Jared did everything he could to be chosen, not for their friendship, but because of JCI's excellence. We're proud of this site, and it normally is one we show to churches considering hiring JCI.

Ian Carroll Ministries

Ian Carroll is a man on a mission... a father to fathers, a unique combination of hope and encouragement with straight talk and a voice that makes you want to set your sights higher. He is the Senior Pastor of Greater Chicago Church, also a client of ours. We had the unique mission to create the comprehensive brand for Ian's ministry as well as the website. We actually also did the same two projects for his church. What made this a more unique project is that, although the church and Ian Carroll Ministries are two different entities, they wanted their to be cohesion between the brands/logos/sites in style and voice. We feel really proud of the end solution we designed and developed for them. Thank you Ian and team!


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