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Igniting Hope Ministries
Redding, CA

Igniting Hope Ministries. This one is special to us. See, JCI founder Jared Cullop left his second (quite successful) business in order to move to Redding, CA and, with his wife, go through the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. This is a three year program, with the third year being an internship with a mentor. Jared was blessed to be chosen to intern for Steve Backlund, founder of Igniting Hope Ministries. So, you’ll see fingerprints of Jared’s influence all over this project, and hopefully, as you begin your journey as a JCI client, you’ll see the fingerprints of Steve Backlund’s message all over Jared and the rest of the team. Steve teaches of living a hope-filled life where problems are only opportunities for us to shine, and how to live in the present and enjoy an epic life. While you’re checking our work on this site, maybe subscribe to a few things while you’re there.



Instead of spending space here telling you how Jared and his wife Erin are the hosts of Danny Silk’s “Loving On Purpose” podcast, or how Jared is on the board of this ministry, we should talk about the website. So, check it out. This site is unique, as the home page is a visual and image-based navigation for the site. There’s a lot of creativity going on here, and the ergonomics of the page flow are out of the box and yet very effective.

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