This is vital, especially for non-profits. If you run off of donations, people need to know and trust that you are going to be around, be legit, and not squander their money. Nothing sends off red flags like a bad logo. Now, on the other hand, think of the logos of World Vision, The Red Cross, The United Way… It matters.


Whether you’re a non-profit or a ministry, you likely are generating a lot of content (or you should be). Your words, your blog, should not be a pain for people to read about on their phones. Some sites are hard to read, and they don’t get read. That means they don’t get their word out, so they don’t grow their platform, which means they don’t get the funding they need, and pretty soon they don’t exist any longer. The good news is that the exact opposite is true too!


If you are developing a product (book, subscription to a blog, etc), and you need to build up your platform and go viral, this will get it done. Inbound Marketing is the new way to get a message out, literally, to the whole world.

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