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This site makes the most sense for us to “Feature” in the Publishing & Education Industry, as we’ve had a TON of involvement with the Loving On Purpose team, and Danny Silk’s recent and self-published book, “Keep Your Love On”,  is consistently atop the charts on Amazon.

JCI founder, Jared Cullop, is on the Board of Directors for this ministry, has been involved intimately with nearly every aspect of Loving On Purpose for years, and he and his wife host the Loving On Purpose Podcast too (which you should check out, but only if you have to communicate with people on a daily basis). Currently live is the third iteration of their website, and it’s working well. We’d love to work with you to take your ministry or book to the level it deserves, benefiting you from the tons of lessons learned on large, successful clients like this one.



000 Magazine

If you've read Jared's bio, or you've been to our office for that matter, you know Jared's a car guy. Big time. A Porsche guy, to be more exact. He not only had one of his cars featured on the cover of a Porsche magazine, he also got to test drive and write articles about his experiences for that magazine later on. Fast forward to 2017, and legendary author and editor Pete Stout starts 000 Magazine, easily the world's most elite Porsche rag. Not your typical newsstand piece full of ads, 000 is a work of art, and easily justifies its $250/yr subscription price, despite a year being only four issues. We are incredibly honored to be a part of their huge launch success and ongoing delivery of pure automotive scripture.


Like many private schools, Liberty Christian School uses Renweb for all scheduling and a lot of the communication with parents. Renweb is a fantastic program, but doesn’t exactly look great. We were able to design and develop a new, fully mobile responsive sites (imagine parents on the couch after kids are down for bed, iPhones in hand trying to figure out what the kids are to wear to the play, only to not be able to read it because the site isn’t responsive…) This is an area we at JCI want to grow in, helping out excellent private schools across the US.



Some of us parents want our kids to get the social acclamation that public schools offer, while others of us want to be able to educate our children ourselves, possibly insuring that their learning process is the best that it could be for them. Today, more and more "hybrid" systems are being made available, and they are a pretty exciting prospect. Companies like New Day Academy are being formed in order to offer parents a 'blended' choice, all while putting the best learning materials and techniques easily at hand. It's good! Options are always good, and the children of this country should get the best.


This is awesome. Just read the name! “West Virginia Future Business Leaders Association”. YES! JCI founder Jared Cullop is from Appalachia, a bit south of West Virginia in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee. But JCI’s first team member, Abram Goff, is from West Virginia. The two transplants to Cali were more than excited to work on this site and give these future world leaders a new website that they could be proud of.


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