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Philip Pilla and his crew on the East coast design and produce the top eyewear for shooting sports and archery on Earth. All the record holders and world champions wear this stuff. With these products, fashion and function have to be equally appealing to their clientele. So, when it came to rebuilding a new site for Pilla, we had quite a lot of mission points to accomplish while doing it all with the most style and design excellence that anyone could fathom. We really are proud of this site. So proud in fact, that we have another page that you should check out that talks more about this project.




This site is built on Shopify, which is perfect for businesses that have an online store PLUS a brick-and-mortar store that needs to have its inventory synced in real time with the website. This site is very robust. All inventory is tracked. All orders are easily processed and tracked. Also, it gives the Anderson’s tons of options when it comes to seeing reports on traffic, conversions, and more.


Talk about a mammoth project! Dr. Ray Powell has a great thing going, so much so that he’s got 6 locations throughout Northern California! Well, when it came to making an eCommerce website for him, he needed us to make it not only display all of his products well, but to sync and integrate all of his inventory in all 6 locations. Well, we got it done! Now, all of his cash registers are run from iPads that we set up, and the inventory management is flawless. Shoo!



Yeah, this one is a pretty big deal, as it’s the actual corporate site for a highly acclaimed product. This air purifier has been featured in Forbes, reviewed by Yahoo!, and written up in the Boston Globe. So when it came to a site that would not only relay all the high tech info in an easily digestible way but also have the “feel” of clean and organized, like the product, we’re so glad they chose JCI.


Can we just stop and appreciate the power of that name? When you’re ready to find a custom crafted engagement or wedding ring, this is the kind of power you want. Coming over from a 2-year-old Wordpress site that wasn’t on brand, updated, or loading fast enough, we gave him a massive upgrade on his new e-commerce site. Not only did we fix his branding, updating, and load time issues - but our Brand and UI Specialist helped craft a a seamless experiences that guides users through the purchasing of these one-of-a-kind beauties. He’s Chasing Victory, but his clients are finding victory in their purchases.


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