Ecommerce Marketing Services


We have strategies for perishable and consumable products, as well as for products that will last for ages. Depending on the nature of the product, the site can be supported by email marketing, social media exposure, coupon codes, free shipping offer… we have all the tools. And when we’re done setting you up, we insure the process of managing your store is as easy and ergonomic as possible.



Want your customers to have a mobile online shopping experience as fantastic as shopping on Amazon, but don’t have a gazillion bucks? We’ve got this covered. See, the big sites spoil us, with their “ease of thumb-use” and ergonomic design. Even if you are a one-man-show, your customers will likely assume you’re a huge franchise when they come to your new JCI-designed web store.


If you’re offering a product for sale, it’s assumed that you’ve got some degree of expertise in the area. With Inbound Marketing, we help you put that expertise to work for you, bringing people to your door for information, which builds trust. Trust brings greater revenue, which brings smiles.


Doesn’t it sound crazy to offer the products that people need and want, at a very fair price and with excellent customer service, on an incredible website that makes their buying experience a pleasure… and still not get the revenue you need? Yeah. That’s crazy. And it’s likely because the people looking for your product aren’t finding you. SEO fixes that.

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