That's right. Having a great site doesn't automatically mean that it will get traffic. We've all seen pictures of Google's epic offices down in Silicon Valley, people running around everywhere with ping pong paddles and pastries in their hands. The thing is, when they're working, they are all literally working to maximize and tweak the coding of a robot. Google is a robot. Thinking of it this way helps, as we see that there are still humans programming it to make it better... to help it serve up time and again the most relevant websites to the search being typed in. 

So, with thousands of guys and gals programming one robot, you might imagine it also takes a highly focused team of gurus working on YOUR side to make sure that you're getting the most amount of relevant traffic possible. We do that here at JCI. We stay on top of the changes they make, the tweaks plugged into the robot's algorithm. 

Unlike many (most) marketing firms, we don't outsource our SEO work over to India or wherever. Those guys, especially when working on boosting up a localized US business, just don't have the understanding or knowledge of our culture. Today, winning on Google isn't just about keywords and image tags. The Google team has made their robot so smart that it is looking for words, phrases, and ideas to be arranged in a certain order. The robot can read, reason, and understand. So we have to make sure your site is not only telling your prospective clients what they need, but providing content that the robot is programmed to believe the public wants to read. These can often be two different things. 

Once you have a great, mobile responsive site that gets the job done, don't stop. Spend a bit of time to make sure that the RIGHT people are seeing it.

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