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So, what do you do when you have played in multiple Olympics, won tons of fame and attention for your abilities, and then want to use that platform to grow into a niche that will provide years and years of revenue and provision? You brand yourself, take control of your online persona, and set yourself up for a post-Olympic life of speaking and training engagements. That’s exactly what we helped Volleyball pro Brittany Hochevar do with her new, fully mobile responsive website custom built on Squarespace. Go ‘Merica.




Joe and Cathy Adamson have been in the fitness industry for decades. Having recently invested in a truly huge facility, along with its no-expense-spared renovation, they needed a website that would educate the public on what they really offer, which is a far more comprehensive workout experience than the fly-by-night, new place in a strip mall fitness places that pop up here and there. Mission accomplished.


Now THIS is a good idea! There's no doubt that laser tag had most of us men captivated as boys. From there, we played paintball, which can get VERY expensive. But this, this is a new generation of laser tag, where you can "tag" someone accurately who is even 2-4 football field lengths away! We were not only excited to work on this project, but to be involved in the brainstorming of the new business and the branding development of the company. We wish they were in Redding!



Pilla Sports is a perfect example of what we can do on Squarespace’s eCommerce platform for a product in the Sports and Fitness industry. Not only is the site extremely dynamic, but the shopping experience is flawless on all mobile devices.


WaterWorks Park is a staple business here in Redding. It sits like a giant, impossible to miss on one of our busiest roads. With the heat we get, which is up to 120 degrees, it seems that all of Redding and the surrounding counties can be found cooling off at WWP. We are honored to have been able to build a new site that shows that the park is here to stay for many years to come. Check it out, and you’ll see the dynamic use of ambient background videos, showing you literally what it’s like to shoot down each of their waterslides.


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