Think it isn’t important for a sports personality to have a personal brand? Really? Two words: Air Jordan. Sure, you might not be that much like Mike, but it’s a fact that branded athletes have more dedicated fans. The same fact rings true for anything Sports or Fitness related. Brands = loyalty.


Here’s a peek at what’s going on nowadays: If people are online for their 9-5 job, then they are at a computer. If they are surfing for recreation or for personal benefit, they are on their iPad or phone. However, more than 2/3rds of people “bounce”, or click the BACK button in 5 seconds or less, if a site is seen on a mobile and isn’t responsive. Once they get to your site, a modern, mobile responsive site keeps them there.


If you have a Sports and/or Fitness website, you likely are an expert. Inbound marketing, more than anything else you could do short of getting a show on ESPN, will use that expertise to not only get masses of people to your website, but get them to bookmark it in their browser.

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