Hey everyone,

As you know, we're about to go through a period of huge upgrade and increase here at JCI. As I said in the past two team meetings, I'm focusing heavily on bringing in services in which the clients pay us on a contract every month. This will dramatically balance out the current ebb and flow of good months and bad months, highs and lows, reducing my (and everyone else's) anxiety. But it's important to know that this isn't the end reason or goal. 

If we are to be a "Kingdom Business", there are some non-negotiable qualities that must permeate our culture. Now, even though we don't yet have all of these, I feel that we've been intentionally going after each, and I celebrate progress. But I want to get all the way there, and I feel that the new plans will really give us the ability to get it done. 

  • I want every person on our team to be getting sharper in their skills, expanding their skill set. 
  • I want full, open communication among everyone in the office. This form is a step in that direction.
  • I want every person on our team to be getting paid at a level on the high side of what is reasonable.
  • I want every person on our team to have outlets, both in the office and out, to dream and realize those dreams. That pursuit is at the core of a happy life. I want to help.
  • I want every person on our team to feel heard, and also, to literally BE heard.
  • I want every person on our team to always know, even in confrontation or the unavoidable issue, that management and myself are fully "for" them, even in a disagreement.

In that, I have some questions that I'd like to ask each of you, and I'd love each of you to take the time to really answer them well. I can only act on the information that I'm given, and all of my actions truly are towards reaching the goals above. Sometimes it may not feel like it, because they have to be done in a certain order. But trust that I am intentionally and diligently going after these things. Nothing said in this will be shared. Nothing said in your answers can come back to bite you. So please be real with me. Give me a chance on this. We each have one life to live, and we spend a lot of it in the office and working on projects. Let's make it kick ass.

While this form, as well as this message you've just read, might seem a bit lop-sided in the relationship... I mean, all this is really "what I can do for you", it is important to know that, as I step up my game in our relationship, you will have to as well for it to work. Two examples: As it relates to our relationship, if I am to do all I can to value your input, your input must be well thought through, intentional, and open for further discussion. Also, if I am to be setting up a business model that can pay you more and more, then it is up to you to make sure that your skill set, excellence, efficiency, and contribution to the team as a whole is worthy of the higher pay. This might not need to be said, but as I read through this and the questions below, I want to make sure that there's no seed of entitlement that I am watering. In the end, I'm preparing the company to be able to pay you what you are worth, not more, while removing the ceiling on what that worth is, putting it in your hands to determine. Make sense?

Thank you so much for doing this... for being a vital part of our team. In the questions below, some of them ask you to "rate" something on a scale of 1-5. 5 is very high, 1 is very low. I look forward to going over this with you.



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