VIP - Welcome to JCI

Welcome to the JCI Marketing introductory questionnaire.


VIP - Welcome to JCI

Welcome to the JCI Marketing introductory questionnaire.

JCI Marketing Branding Questionnaire

We're so glad you let us help develop the look of your brand! There's nothing more important to set the tone of a person's experience with you than your logo and other related branding. 

We get to know you through our “Introductory Questionnaire.” We learn about who you are as a company, what makes you tick, and what people experience when they work with you. This helps our team prepare for any additional conversations they will need to have with you and gives us a great foundational knowledge of your brand.

**Please note, if you refresh or close your page mid way through the questionnaire your information will be lost. No one likes having to do things twice. 

Excited? Great. Go ahead and fill out the form below, and we'll get started.


What are your 2 primary areas of focus for your business: Price, Speed, and Quality? *
at least 3-5 points of distinction would be very helpful
consider age, income, sex, location, etc.
Ex. Apple: I love how simple and elegant their designs are. Zappos: The way they value their employees and have fun. Neiman Marcus: their customer service is fantastic. Porsche: symbol of excellence, craftsmanship, performance. etc.
Which adjectives would describe elements that you want to see in your branding? (Check all that apply) *

Thank you for helping us out. Your project graphic designer will be in touch with you soon to go over the next steps.

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