Creating a Website Is Just Different Here At JCI

Personalized Service

So many clients-to-be ask us, "So what's the process like?" We understand how they're feeling. It's an intimidating and daunting thought to most people...going through the process of building a website is up there with having a tooth pulled. This area though, the process, might actually be the area where we at JCI get the most positive reviews and feedback. Over the years, we have developed a system of communication with each client that makes it so simple, so digestible, and removes all the dread out of the experience. 

Strategic Advice

Roughly half of our staff at JCI is actually in the strategic, communication, "idea engine" side of the website process, with actual designers and developers making up the other half. This contrasts greatly with most other firms who have only one, if any, business advisor or professional consultant on staff to help with the process. Oh, here at JCI, our advisors' and consultants' services are included in the price of each and every website. We go well above and beyond the standard web-design process to make sure every business we serve is a success.

HINT: Choose the Best Platform Available

There are dozens and dozens of platforms that your next website could be built on, each with strengths and weaknesses. The platform that is chosen is nearly as important as the expertise of the design group you choose. So many people in our industry are still building on Wordpress, which was great five years ago (we have built many, many Wordpress sites). But nowadays, it's almost never the right option. In the past two years, web technology has accelerated rapidly on both the 'front' and 'back' ends of your website. It's no longer just about what your site's visitors see, but what you deal with as you go about owning your website through the years as you grow your business. We're happy to talk with you and aid this very important choice.


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