Not the thing To have 'your cousin' do

It's shocking how many people we talk with who are considering having some distant, "expert" relative build their online presence. Shocking. This is your business! Your life! It's why you get up in the morning. Your dreams hang in the balance, dependent on your success or failure. This is  . Your website is the last thing you should pinch pennies on. The same "don't trust your brother's best friend's nephew" point can be extended to lower-level marketing/web design companies or the smiley guy from India who does cheap web design and keeps emailing you.

Your web designer needs to not only be a business person with an impressive track record, but understand and live in the culture in which you are doing business. At JCI, if money is ever an issue, instead of simply saying "no" to you, we most often will develop a payment plan that works for all parties. Every client we have ever had on a payment plan has been able to make their payments, because we make sure the website we build for them 'gets the job done', and in the end, pays for itself and then some.

We are personally and emotionally invested in each client we work with. We want to, and will, see you win.

25 Website Must-Haves

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