Since Apple and Samsung started pushing the envelope with what could be done on a phone, and later a tablet, the web design world has been looking for an answer. After years of band-aids and bad solutions, the answer is here: Responsive Website Design. It's all we do here at JCI.

Branding is vital. It's incredibly important that the group that develops the new brand for your business "gets you". Because of this, we feel it's worth mentioning that our entire team works together in our Northern California office, subcontracting nothing overseas.

Many clients have a great website and brand, whether designed by us here at JCI or some other great firm. But taking that brand and relaying it through each of your advertisements, book covers, business cards, or anything else is a very specialized skill to get right. We do.


Let's say your branding is spot-on and your website is responsive and hits all the right hot buttons. It won't matter unless there's a ton of traffic going to it. We have a skilled team on-staff dedicated to the art and science of modern Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Inbound Marketing is a relatively new idea, developed through a high-level understanding of buyer's habits and how to effect them online. We can partner with you to use your Social Media, Blogs, and much more to have customers knocking on your door, day and night.

We are proud of our work. So, if we design your brand, or your next direct mail piece, or whatever, we love to know that it's going to be produced at a level worthy of the design. For this, we now offer print services on our services menu. From letterheads to signage, JCI has you covered.

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