Welcome to JCI Marketing

Welcome to the JCI Marketing introductory questionnaire.


Welcome to JCI Marketing

Welcome to the JCI Marketing introductory questionnaire.

JCI Marketing Questionnaire

We're so glad you let us make you look good on computers, cellphones, tablets, and any other device you can view the internet on. Below is a quick rundown of the design process. 

We get to know you through our “Introductory Questionnaire.” The goal of this is also to understand what you want your site to look and feel like.

  1. After we receive the questionnaire back, your project manager will connect with you to discuss your project and gather additional unique information that will help us begin to lay out the foundations for your project.
  2. We take what you have shared with us and brainstorm as a team, then develop the structure and design concept.
  3. From there we will be able to determine what additional assets and information we need from you (written content, photos, etc.) and can let you know so you can begin working on gathering and/or creating that information for us. No one knows your company as well as you do, so your participation in this part of the process is critical. We will decide together, based on the timeline and needs of your specific project, how we will proceed through this process. Some clients want to generate written content up front, and some prefer to create it after the site is built. Your project manager will walk you through the benefits of either method. 
  4. While our team is cranking away at building you a great site, your project manager will make sure you stay informed about any critical updates.
  5. Next thing you know, we’re unveiling the finished site to you.
  6. After a small adjustment period, we launch it and show the world how amazing you are.
  7. You make all your Facebook friends and competitors jealous.
  8. We train you on how to update and maintain your site. We have amazing training videos that make training a breeze.
  9. You move on with life, satisfied, improved, and better connected to the world around you.


**Please note, if you refresh or close your page mid way through the questionnaire your information will be lost. No one likes having to do things twice. 

Excited? Great. Go ahead and fill out the form below, and we'll get started.


This should be account information with a company like GoDaddy or similar. We will need this information in order to make your site live.
If you anticipate needing several specific forms, tell us which forms will need to go to which email addresses
We need this information in order to connect your accounts to you website.
What are your 2 primary areas of focus for your business: Price, Speed, and Quality? *
at least 3-5 points of distinction would be very helpful
consider age, income, sex, location, etc.
Ex. Apple: I love how simple and elegant their designs are. Zappos: The way they value their employees and have fun. Neiman Marcus: their customer service is fantastic. Porsche: symbol of excellence, craftsmanship, performance. etc.
This site has some great examples if you need some help: http://www.awwwards.com/awards-of-the-day/
Which adjectives would describe elements that you want to see in your website/branding? (Check all that apply) *

Thank you for helping us out. Your project manager will be in touch with you soon to go over the next steps.